From Musical Theatre to TV Presenting

I often teach TV presenting skills in theatre schools and recently I was delivering TV presenting workshops at a musical theatre school. On-camera drama training for actors emphasises ‘do not look at the camera’, ‘be in character’. With TV presenting it’s the opposite, ‘look at the camera’, and ‘be yourself’.

Some actors find this liberating, a chance to show their personality, others find it exposing. It’s all about confidence, talk to camera as if this is the most natural communication possible, without revealing the inner stress you may have.

Musical theatre actors, usually full of confidence, can find it challenging to create a natural performance for TV. It helps to think of your audience as one person, not a full auditorium, have a conversation with your viewer, be warm, but no jazz hands!

Next TV Presenting course with me is 23rd/24th September, The Actors Centre, Covent Garden, for non-members, all welcome, not just musical theatre! Limited places available.

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