From print to video

I frequently work with companies who are moving from print to video, from written reports to presenting/producing TV programmes for clients and a wider audience.

Understandably, even highly professional experts can feel out of their depth in the unfamiliar world of making TV. My advice, based on 25 years of TV directing and 15 years teaching TV presenting is to keep your target audience in mind, avoid jargon, and make it conversational. Talk to the camera as if you are chatting to one person at a time, be warm and friendly, and look down the centre of the lens to connect. Less is more, short bite-sized chunks of info that can be viewed on a mobile in the back of a taxi may get more likes than long form programmes. The language of TV is images, use anecdotes and real examples to bring your content to life and make it memorable. A dark suit, acceptable in a corporate setting, can look dull on camera, add some colour, look groomed and smile!

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