• Do you need TV presenter training?
  • Do you want a TV presenting job, a reel, audition prep?
  • Do you have TV presenting experience but want feedback, or a career tweak/shift?
  • Do you intend to record a vlog or set up an online channel?


  • Do you need to speak in public but find nerves get in the way?
  • Are your presentations and media appearances up to scratch?
  • Do you want to feel more confident before hosting a live event?
  • Is your business moving online so you need to perform to camera?

Kathryn offers bespoke training and is regularly used by top companies to train their presenters and clients. Kathryn’s training methods are a unique blend of extensive TV industry and teaching experience which is why clients go on to achieve so much success.

You can book one2one sessions with Kathryn in NW London near Golders Green. Or Kathryn can deliver a training workshop for your company at your location, by arrangement.

  • TV topics include: Clear speech, diction, breath control, posture, relaxtion, talking to camera convincingly, speaking to time accurately, being the guest expert, interviewing confidently, reading Autocue without looking like you are reading, writing and memorising scripts, audition & showreel prep, TV presenter job seeking & career advice, specialised genres eg shopping channel and children’s presenting.
  • Corporate/business topics include: overcoming nerves, understanding body language, clear diction and breath control, posture, appropriate appearance, communicating key messages, speaking to time, preparation, how to deliver a successful presentation, reading from a prompt, giving a speech from memory, engaging with your audience.

“Thank you again so much for all your support, training and encouragement. You prepared me so well for the BBC Experts Day” – Gayle Chong Kwan, Artist/Academic
Gita Mistry
”Great rehearsal for any professional engagements. I learnt how to put myself at ease – carefully crafted out guidance- very relevant to the market.” – Gita Mistry, Winner, BBC Best Home Cook

Matthew Bellhouse“We won! All went to plan. A great night – your help made the difference between being able to get up and talk or not and made me more interesting.” – Matthew Bellhouse, Civil Engineer, Winner Fleming Award for the Best Presentation, Geological Society.
Matthew Bellhouse (far left)